About Us

Heidi’s combination of skills & experience, driven by a passion for excellence.

She will assist you from the conceptualisation through to the implementation of your campaign:

Heidi began her career as a professional photographer in 1996.  She has been commissioned by You & Huisgenoot; Joy Magazine; Pick n Pay, Men’s Health, Food Magazine as well as The Star and many more.  She covered a wide variety of topics from shark attacks, to opulent gifts, to the Hansie Cronje tragedy, to underwater encounters with crocodiles and the Planet Hollywood bombing.

She also has extensive experience as a graphic designer; videographer and video editor as well as web designer and online marketer with specialist knowledge in Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing.

She owned and managed a successful embroidery business in George from 2001-2012.  Shooting Wildlife for Courier shops, the images then were used for T-Shirt printing, brochures etc.  Printing & Embroidery together went very well for a unique look.

After completing the following courses she taught online marketing skills to various clients in Cape Town during 2013:

  • Social Media & Facebook Marketing Course with Brian Moran;
  • LinkedIn Course with Bert Verdonck & Jan Vermeiren;
  • Facebook with Andrea Vahl;
  • Google+, Pinterest and Video Scribing course;
  • YouTube Course with James Wedmore;
  • Google analytics;
  • Motion 5 (Animation) and;
  • Search Engine Optimization [SEO]