Due to the coronavirus, no further classes will take place until further notice.

We offer Photography lessons for beginners in Windhoek.   Please contact me via the contact page.
What you will need….Bring your own camera!  Your manual!  Notepad and a pen!
We start at 9 am till 4 pm with an hour lunch break. Practice optional after 4 pm
PRICE N$1350.00/student 
10% discount offered on a 50% deposit by 7 February 2020
What we will learn!
Setting up your camera functions
Exposure (Aperture and Shutter Speed) Shoot with the image in mind. Depth of Field
ISO Find your camera’s sweet spot
Advanced Programme Modes (TV or S, Av or A, P)
White Balance
Metering Modes (When do I under or overexpose)
Dynamic Range (What can the camera not see that the eye can)
Manual Mode
Advanced courses to come soon:
Night & Low Light conditions
Black & White
Macro & Close Up’s
Speciality Lenses
Studio Photography