Due to the coronavirus, no courses will be taking place until further notice

The practice is optional on 25 January after 4 pm or Sunday 26 January for 2 hours.  Time will be discussed in class.

What you will need….Bring your own camera! Your manual! Notepad and a pen!
We start at 9 am till 4 pm with an hour lunch break.
PRICE R850/per student (January Special)

Normal price R1350.00

Please contact me via the contact page.

What we will learn!

  • What to watch out for when buying a camera
  • Setting up your camera functions
  • Exposure (Aperture and Shutter Speed) Shoot with the image in mind. Depth of Field
  • ISO Find your camera’s sweet spot
  • Advanced Programme Modes (TV or S, Av or A, P)
  • White Balance
  • Metering Modes (When do I under or overexpose)
  • Dynamic Range (What can the camera not see that the eye can)
  • Manual Mode
Advanced courses to come soon:
Night & Low Light conditions
Black & White
Macro & Close Up’s
Speciality Lenses
Studio Photography

Photography Workshop