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Heidi Jansen Photography started her professional  career in 1996 along the Garden Route in South Africa.  In 2010 she also noticed the need for training in Photoshop.  For many knowing Bridge in Photoshop was worth the price they paid for the training.

Later Heidi added a beginners program for Photographers. Aimed at the hobbyist who had cameras but only knew how to use the automatic function.

Photography is made up in 3 sections.  The first section is to know your tools you need to work with.  The second section is to know the skill of photographing and the third section is how to develop and print.

Today this takes place in programs like Photoshop, Elements, Lightroom etc.  All three these skills are necessary to become a very successful photographer.

In the Photography Beginners Course the first two sections are offered.  Developing and printing (printing to DVD/CD or a Printer) takes place in a program such as Photoshop.  Here we exercise our creativity, adjusting it to our own liking.

Therefore in Photography you use both sides of the brain. The technical side is just as important as the creative side.

Heidi began her career as a professional photographer in 1996. She has been commissioned by You & Huisgenoot; Joy Magazine; Pick n Pay, Men’s Health, Food Magazine as well as The Star and many more.

Traveling to teach Photographic skills to anybody that would love to know more.  Her strength include sport photography, still, commercial & interior photography.

Her contact details: +264 081 270 1036 Namibia and +27 71 989 3972 South Africa

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